Discover the ‘Joi’ of healthy colour!

Joico LumiShine - Colour so brilliant it instantly re-strengthens hair with up to twice the shine that lasts up to 30 shampoos The world is luminous and shines “joi-ously,” because the future of haircolour just got a lot brighter. Two times brighter to be exact! Just once is all it will take

Escape to Italy with the new Venice collection by OPI

All new lacquers and gels that pay homage to one of the world’s most beautiful cities. The leading nail professional and colour experts at OPI have created a collection this fall/winter 2015 that captures the essence of one of Europe’s most romantic ancient capitals. A city of opulent pleasures, lavish artwork, and breathtaking Baroque

Overly restrictive sun exposure warnings pose health risk, says new study

Following restrictive sun exposure advice in countries with low solar-intensity like Canada might in fact be harmful to your health, says the co-author of a new study on sunlight and vitamin D. The recently published study Sunlight and Vitamin D: Necessary for Public Health by Carole Baggerly and several academic researchers,