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Fab Like Barbie® : Barbie® Designable Hair Extensions

Posted on 05 January 2012 by DELCommInc

Just when you thought she has done it all, Barbie® is taking the hair extension market by storm.

Taking hair play to new heights like only Barbie® can, Barbie® introduces an all-new way to play and customize hair with Barbie® Designable Hair Extensions. In just a few easy steps, girls of all ages can create customized hair extensions, using hair you can actually print on, for herself and Barbie® with any inkjet printer.

Step 1 – Design: Using the fun and easy design website (www.barbie.com/designablehair), girls can choose iconic Barbie® imagery or upload their favorite photos or designs to create a completely unique look to print on special Barbie® printable hair extension paper.

Step 2 – Print: Run the Barbie® Designable Hair Extensions printable hair paper through any inkjet printer, and girls will watch as their designs become wearable accessories.

Step 3 – Wear & Share: Girls can peel off their printed and personalized hair extension from the paper and attach it to their own hair with a stylish clip or barrette or to Barbie® doll’s hair with the included hair clips.

Whether it’s adding flair to an everyday outfit or showing school spirit for the big game, girls can easily add personalized hair streaks for themselves or Barbie®. Barbie® Designable Hair Extensions comes with a Barbie® doll and includes 16 printable hair extensions. Additional printable hair extensions are available for purchase separately for endless hair play fun.

You can be extra fab with celebrity hairstylist Kim Vo designed extensions found on the Barbie website.

To view a product demo please visit: www.barbie.com/designablehair

ARP: $31.99 | Age: 6+ | Available: September 2011
*Additional extension pack ARP: $10.99


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Unleash the Diva Within: Diva Hair hair extensions – proudly manufactured and designed in Canada

Posted on 09 November 2011 by DELCommInc

By Jason Kozier

Having been in the beauty industry for years, I noticed the lack of Canadian designers and manufacturers in the hair extension and flat iron business. This was a field that needed a Canadian touch to solve the concerns of Canadian women, so three years ago I started to research creating my own line, where to manufacture it, and how to make it unique, high quality, and high fashion.

I quickly realized all hair extensions and flat irons and accessories were all put together and packaged in China to keep the cost down. So a design procedure had to be implemented where I had to design everything here in Canada, from the name to the unique ideas and hair quality for the extensions and what packaging design I wanted.

An important part of manufacturing after the design is finished is high quality all throughout the process. For example, the hair extensions are of Remy cuticle hair grade, which is acknowledged as the highest quality available.  After the inspections and ensuring that the end product would meet the high standards, the next part of the process began – a name. I searched for weeks on end for the perfect name for my line that would define untouchable beauty and so the name Diva Hair was born.

It was soon after this that I introduced the hair extension line to Joico Salon Centre in Winnipeg Manitoba, and they were the one distributer that believed in me and what I wanted to do. So we started it, and in no time all, my hair extensions were in salons all over Manitoba, Thunder Bay Ontario, and all of Saskatchewan. It was so nice to see that there were all these places in Canada that loved high-quality hair extensions.

After seeing my hair extensions line take off so well, it was time to expand to the next area that was already being worked on. I decided to go forward with my ideas and started a flat iron line with a full size and a mini one. To make them unique I designed a dial system on the full size iron that has three settings for fine, medium, and coarse hair with a temperature stabilization system for energy savings. In addition, the flat iron is triple ceramic which had to be tested in order to stand up to the top heat of the design of 460 degrees Fahrenheit.

This made the iron the hottest temperature flat iron device available in the world at that time, and it remains one of the highest in the world today. However, staying with this would not do. Hair breakage was the next problem to tackle, and we designed a loop brush specially made to not break hair when brushing, and then a curling iron which follows the technology curve we introduced with the Diva flat irons and is also among the higher temperature range available in the world at 460 degrees Fahrenheit and fully-adjustable for all types of hair.

Now I am working on my other half of the plan for Diva Hair and that is to educate the consumers on our products so as to properly use them. With this education, they will be able to maintain them and why they are more superior than other brands out on the market today.

With this in mind, I found two partners and we opened up the first Diva Hair Concept Store on April 12, 2011 to the public. This will enable consumers that come to the concept store a chance to purchase the entire Diva Hair product line along with being educated on how to use, apply, and take care of them properly.

For more information about Diva Hair please visit their website at divahair.ca or visit them in person at 310 Broadway Avenue in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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