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Get primped and plumped with Kevin.Murphy

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Get primped and plumped with Kevin.Murphy

Posted on 17 April 2014 by DELCommInc

The newest line to join the Kevin.Murphy range is Plumping, consisting of Plumping.Wash, Plumping.Rinse, and Body.Mass, designed to thicken and plump thinning hair whilst helping to prevent hair loss. Continue Reading

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Flakes no more! The ultimate dry shampoo to revive your do

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Flakes no more! The ultimate dry shampoo to revive your do

Posted on 10 May 2013 by DELCommInc

SONY DSCIt’s official. Soap and water are overrated. With the new Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo from Joico, there’s no need to spend extra time washing your hair – revitalize it and your scalp. This fast-drying aerosol leaves hair feeling clean and smelling fresh in no time flat. So sleep in, head straight to work from the gym or pull an all-nighter—Joico’s Instant Refresh has got you covered!

The unique Instant Refresh formula features an advanced blend of aluminum starch, willow and manuka extracts, all helping to absorb excess oil and leave hair soft and velvety with none of the dreaded white residue common with other dry shampoos. Small, oil-absorbing particles won’t clog follicles; but they will offer a little extra lift while extending the life of any hairstyle. Continue Reading

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A blow dry to go, please!  Schwarzkopf Professional presents OSiS+ Blow & Go!

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A blow dry to go, please! Schwarzkopf Professional presents OSiS+ Blow & Go!

Posted on 06 May 2013 by DELCommInc

SKP Osis BlowAndGo Smooth Sleek BlowDry 200ml Render_SKPYou have an important business meeting in the afternoon, followed by an exciting date in the evening – but your hairstyle lost its bounce and it’s not even lunch! How great would it be to quickly stop by at your local salon for a “Blow Dry & Go” to save the day – and your hairstyle? Here comes your wish: with new OSiS+ Blow & Go, Schwarzkopf Professional offers you the first two-in-one blow-dry sprays reducing drying time while providing hair with additional voluptuous volume or luxurious smoothness. As if that wasn’t great enough, these innovative styling products allow you to indulge in the trend of blow-dry bars demanded by our busy schedules, from the convenience of home! Continue Reading

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The new gel polish

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The new gel polish

Posted on 21 May 2012 by DELCommInc

By Gordon Ashdown


I thought I would take a walk on the wild side and talk about the new product category being created by such manufacturers as Shellac from CND, Polish Pro from NSI, and many more. The category is a hybrid – not a real gel, and not a nail polish, but somewhere in between.  They apply like a polish in that you paint them on with a brush, but then you cure them in an ultra-violet light like a conventional gel.  It’s a straight-forward base coat, colour, top coat application, and it lasts longer than polish, but not as long as gel.  The application is removed with a soak in acetone, whether in the salon or at home.  Many claims are made as to how long the application will last and most agree that a week or so on the hands, and two weeks or so on toes is about normal.  It’s been said that gel polish can last for five or even six weeks on toes.  Now that’s performance! Continue Reading

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Turn up the volume with Schwarzkopf Professional

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Turn up the volume with Schwarzkopf Professional

Posted on 18 March 2012 by DELCommInc


Schwarzkopf Professional has released some firsts in their extensive line of products.  From a new men’s line to a styling accessory, Schwarzkopf is transforming the hair industry one styling product at a time. Continue Reading

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New Products Unveiled by Schwarzkopf Professional

Posted on 08 November 2011 by DELCommInc

Stuck in a hair rut?  Schwarzkopf Professional has recently introduced and relaunched products from the OSiS, BLONDME, and ESSENSITY lines.  The company, which is part of the business unit cosmetics/toiletries of the Henkel Group, Düsseldorf, is worldwide one of the leading suppliers in the hairstyling industry.  Based on the professional partnership with the hairstylists, the focus of Schwarzkopf Professional is to provide innovative concepts and services which match the needs of international salon businesses.


OSiS breaks the daily routine with innovative tools that let you create a multitude of individual styles.  The line recently introduced four new products that will take your hair from drab to fab in seconds.

OSiS Refresh Dust 100ml/ $23.50

Third-day hair with no time to wash it?  Refresh Dust is your secret weapon to a touch-up fresh-up.  The product adds body, volume, lots of structure, and light control.  It contains Oryza Sativa starch which is a powerful absorbent that frees hair from greasy rudiments.

OSiS Fibre Light 50ml/$23.50

Go weightless.  Fibre Light is a texturizing fluid that gives hair zero gravity.  The product’s formula evenly covers the hair with polymers which give it invisible, elastic hold.  Also, the infused shea butter adds a smoothing effect and a soft, silky finish.

OSiS Pump My Curls 120mL/$19.50

Unruly curls got you frizzing out?  Tame that beast with Pump My Curls, a curl spray that gives curly hair wavy hair definition and hold while protecting it from frizzing all day long.  When applied, the innovative formula turns the incredibly fine mist into a light emulsion that is easy to spread in the hair.

OSiS Aqua Slide 100ml/$20.00 (Available in November 2011)

Need some shine and shape in your life?  Aqua Slide, which contains a water-oil base with watermint is light and aqueous.  The product gives hair definition, a perfect shape, and a deep intensive shine without weighing it down.



Keep your blonde hair looking fresh and radiant with BLONDME, a line specifically formulated to treat, condition, and maintain blonde or highlighted hair.


The new BLONDME Care Range is categorized into two distinct categories: Illumi Lights for highlighted blonde hair and Blonde Brilliance for bleached or coloured blondes.

  1. Illumi Lights- For highlighted hair
    Shampoo ($16.25) - -daily cleansing shampoo.  Highlights are selectively protected and activated thereby restoring their vibrancy between salon visits.
  2. Blonde Brilliance – For bleached or coloured blondes

Shampoo Cool-Ice ($16.25) – a daily cool-blonde tone cleansing shampoo.  Colour-reviving pigments enrich blonde tones with cool freshness for improved blonde clarity.

Shampoo Warm-Caramel ($16.25) – Daily warm-blonde tone cleansing shampoo.  Colour reviving pigments enhance blonde tones with warm richness.

Conditioner ($17.25) – For all blonde hair types, this intensive care conditioner detangles hair, ensuring hair comb-ability and reduces fly-aways.
Intense Treatment ($25.50) — For all blonde hair types, this rich and intense caring mask with extra keratin repairs the inner hair structure and provides hair strength, elasticity, and vitality.


BLONDME Glorious Hold Hairspray ($17.95)

This flexible-hold hairspray allows you to style and restyle until you achieve the perfect look.  It offers 24-hour humidity protection and UV filters protect against colour fade.

BLONDME Volume Miracle Cream ($19.95)

This volumizing styling cream can be used before blow drying to build up the hair structure, adding maximum volume and strength.

BLONDME Magnifying Shine Spray ($19.95)

This light, fine, leave-in mist provides an instant drying high-gloss finish.



Be one with nature with ESSENSITY, the first professional colour, care, and styling line free from artificial fragrances, silicones, paraffin, mineral oils, and parabens.


ESSENSITY Colour Shampoo ($16.25), Colour Conditioner ($17.25), and Leave-In Mask ($24.75)

ESSENSITY’s colour care products are specially-formulated to seal in colour vibrancy and to ensure a healthy and radiant shine. The range includes acai (a fruit that contains proteins, vitamins, sugars, and trace elements used in anti-age and skin-soothing products) and fire tulip (known for having anti-oxidant, astringent, soothing, and anti-bacterial properties).


ESSENSITY Natural Shine Serum ($21.25)

This light serum gives a natural velvet shine to the hair surface.  Banish unruly, frizzy hair while adding shine.  It contains sesame and linseed oil and is formulated with natural UV-filters which provide additional protection.


For more information about Schwarzkopf Professional products please visit their website at www.schwarzkopf-professional.ca or facebook.com/SchwarzkopfCanada.

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