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Winnipeg Technical College launches two new certification preparation courses

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Winnipeg Technical College launches two new certification preparation courses

Posted on 16 December 2013 by DELCommInc


Winnipeg Technical College (WTC) has had a long-standing relationship with the hairstyling industry in Manitoba. Over the last 27 years, WTC has provided apprenticeship-accredited programming, which allows stylists to enter the trade and build a foundation for future success. Continue Reading

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Make waves at Winnipeg Technical College

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Make waves at Winnipeg Technical College

Posted on 09 May 2013 by DELCommInc

Style it how you like, the simple truth is a quality education in hairstyling has never been more crucial than it is today. The anticipated retirement of a high percentage of baby boomers in the next 15 years forecasts a marked deficit in skilled trades workers in the province. This, paired with the recent advent and rise of the boutique salon in Manitoba, and society’s ever-increasing emphasis on health, happiness and personal wellbeing, means an enhanced demand for skilled and qualified stylists. Winnipeg Technical College (WTC)’s hairstyling program gives students everything they need to succeed in the field, enabling them to step straight out of the classroom and onto the salon floor. Continue Reading

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Making things run smoothly A Q&A with Melinda Vandenberg, the chair of the Provincial Hairstyling Technical Committee

Posted on 18 May 2012 by DELCommInc

Every year, students in the skilled trades and technology sectors compete for their chance to win gold at the Skills Manitoba Competition, a competition where students participate in challenges designed to test skills required in their respective trades and technology careers.

Clippings managing editor Shayna Wiwierski spoke with Melinda Vandenberg, who is the chair of the Provincial Hairstyling Technical Committee, about Skills Canada, the committee itself, and why students should compete. Continue Reading

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Showcasing Your Skills: The 14th Annual Provincial Skills Hairstyling Competition

Posted on 08 November 2011 by DELCommInc

The 14th annual Provincial Skills Hairstyling Competition held at Red River College was a huge success! The hairstyling competition is the largest contest in the Skills competition and every year it is getting bigger and better, with such talented work being showcased! This year the Technical Committee members were Darlene Cockerill, Kathy Licandro, Brenda Hinch, Lynn Bell, Lorna Switzer, Niki Unal, Andrea Delisle and Melinda Vandenberg.

 The medal winners from the post-secondary contest were:

Gold- Jasmine Meadows-Birch from Winnipeg Technical College

Silver- Jennifer Thompson from Louis Riel Arts and Technology Centre

Bronze- Ariel Taylor-Wood from Winnipeg Technical College


The medal winners from the secondary contest were:

Gold- Jocelyne O’Brien from Steinbach Regional Secondary School

Silver- Clara Wall from Garden Valley Collegiate

Bronze- Alyssa Wyspianski from College Sturgeon Heights Collegiate


The medal winners from the beginner contest were:

Gold- Brittany Slous from College Sturgeon Heights Collegiate

Silver-Chantel Snelgrove from Lord Selkirk Regional Secondary School

Bronze- Justice Hilsher from College Sturgeon Heights Collegiate.

The gold medal winners from the secondary and post-secondary contest represented Team Manitoba at the national competition in Quebec City on June 1 – 4, 2011. Jocelyne O’Brien from Steinbach placed third in the secondary competition and we congratulate her, as well as the rest of them, on their success!

Many thanks go to the judges that donated their time to be a part of this exciting competition. They were Renn Vandyke, Cheri Paizen, Haley Golin, John Unger, Daniel Man, Nina Caplette, Barb Parkin, Denise Letienne and Dolores Skolny. Haley Golin once again provided a very informative and educational training session, and we thank Berns and Black Salon and Spa for providing a great space for us on that day. Once again we have many very generous sponsors who donated tools and products to our competitors, these were ESP Salon Sales, Passion Beauty Supply, Complete Beauty, BSG, Zen Beauty Supply, Salon Centre, Schwarzkopf Professional, NP Group, Pivot Point Canada, Summit Salon Sales, and Kadori Hair.


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