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Back to busy: Service up to three times more clients in the same amount of time

UntitledThe lazy days of summer are over and it’s time to get back to busy this fall.  September is typically the month you see the momentum picking up in your salon while men and women are back to their usual busy routines, including regular salon visits.  For salons, this often means having to overbook clients or even turn them away from their preferred appointment time. This does not have to be the case with Schwarzkopf Professional’s IGORA COLOR10 – the first professional permanent colour in just 10 minutes that delivers perfect coverage, vibrant shine, and outstanding care in less time than it takes to finish a blowout. With its fast timing, IGORA COLOR10 enables you to service up to three times more clients in the same amount of time. That’s what we call fast money! On the other hand, it helps you attract new clients on the go with unique fast services.

“IGORA COLOR10 offers stylists and clients a new world of colour opportunities,” says Schwarzkopf Professional education manager Susan Boccia.  “IGORA COLOR10 can be used as a creative tool for colourists,” she explains.  “They can create exciting and unique colour placements with an assortment of 28 shades to choose from.  The Speed Lift + shades in IGORA COLOR10 mean that even blonde hair can be processed in as little as 10 minutes.”

Building new styles with colour block

You’ve most likely heard about the hottest trend in fashion this year: colour blocking.  This means pairing two to three solid and vibrant colours together to create a harmoniously on-trend look.  Of course, Schwarzkopf Professional thinks this is perfect for hair trends as well.  IGORA COLOR10 allows you to designate vibrant, bold blocks of colour anywhere your creativity and client will allow!

“This fall, hairstylists should consider adding some dimension to a classic bob with a block of darker colour in the perimeter to accentuate the existing colour,” suggests Boccia.

Be playful with the hide and peek fringe

If the new colour block trend is not for your client, then perhaps the hide and peek fringe will, well, pique their interest.  The hint of colour can be hidden or shown off depending on how your client wants to wear her fringe.  It is also a great option for clients who have had the same cut for a while – love it- but may like to try something different with colour instead.

“Adding a few highlights to the fringe can spice up your current look,” says Boccia.

New for fall 2012, Schwarzkopf Professional has two new IGORA COLOR10 express colour techniques to inspire you to work your artistic magic with clients on the go. Ask your Schwarzkopf Professional sales consultant for more details.

Ways IGORA COLOR10 can improve your business:

  • Less processing time means happier clients
  • Less processing time means room to fit two to three clients in the usual hair colour time slot
  • Offer busy clients opportunity to colour hair during lunch break or before work
  • Offer colour service to new moms or moms on the go
  • Offer clients afraid of trying colour, a hide and peek fringe to start off with