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Boo! Three spook-worthy Halloween looks from Make Up For Ever

It’s our favourite time of the year, Halloween!  Since we love playing dress up, we were so excited to receive some Halloween tips and tricks from Make Up For Ever and their talented academy artists.

Whether you plan on being naughty (a vampire) or nice (a fairy), follow the handy guides below to recreate these scary and whimsical makeup looks.

MAKE UP FOR EVER - Halloween Card - Fairy PrincessFairy Princess by Tara Vasquez at Topanga

Skin – Prime skin with #7 HD Primer to brighten skin tone.  Apply Face and Body Foundation mixed with #22 Uplight.  Using a HD Concealer two shades lighter than own skin tone, conceal under eyes, above the eyebrows, down the centre of the nose, and the top of cheekbones.  Re-intensify your highlights with #940 Star Powder.  Then, sculpt your cheekbones, temple, and jaw using the dark shade in #2 Sculpting kit.  Create flushed cheeks with #4 HD Blush.  To make fairy skin come to life, press #1 Diamond Powder into high planes of the face.

Eyes – Lightly press Full Cover in your brow to neutralize colour.  Aply a sheer amount of lash glue onto your eyebrows to act as a base, then, press #1 Diamond Powder with your finger to create an opaque glittery brow cover.  Apply #967 Star Powder as a brow highlight and on the centre of the eyelid.  For a “star gazer” draw dots and small stars with #21 Colour Liner above the brow and around orbital bone.  Blend #164 Eye Shadow into your crease and diffuse with a blending brush.  Then draw 9K Eye Kohl in your crease and blend for more depth.  Use Aqua Black to define the upper lash line.  Apply Smoky Extravagant mascara to the top and bottom lashes.  Finish your eyes with Faux lash #14 on top and #9 individual lashes on the bottom.

Lips – Line and shape your lips with #20C Aqua Lip.  Fill your lips in with #22 Rouge Artist Intense.  Finish by pressing #1 Diamond Powder in the centre of your lips.


MAKE UP FOR EVER - Halloween Card - VampireVampire by Donna DiLia at New York SOHO

Skin – Create lighted luminous skin by mixing your HD Foundation shade with white Flash Color.  Apply with a brush and buff with the HD Sponge for a transparent effect.  Smooth and finish with a small amount of HD Microfinishing Powder.  Highlight the high points of the cheekbones, bridges of nose, and forehead with #967 Star Powder.  Sculpt the contours of cheeks, temples, and jaw with #165 Eye Shadow.

Eyes – Apply #16 Aqua Shadow from lash line to crease, then, layer #61 Eye Shadow onto the lid and through the crease to intensify colour.  Apply #8C Aqua Lip to the top and bottom waterline.  Line the upper lash line with Aqua Black creating a winged effect at the outer corner of your eye.  Apply 25L Aqua Eyes to the bottom lash line, then smudge.  Now, add depth in the crease by applying #163 Eye Shadow through the crease and re0intensify with Aqua Black.  Finish lashes with Smoky Extravagant #112 Faux Lash.

Lips – Define lips with #12C Aqua Lip.  Fill the lips in with #12 Aqua Rouge.  Add dripping blood for a freshly feed effect.

Bites – Start by laying down a thin amount of spirit gum. Rose two small pieces of plasto wax into balls. Press flat and ay down over spirit gum, use your fingers to blend edges into your skin.  Then, puncture the Plasto Wax with a spatula.  To enhance the torn flesh effect, use Flash Color in black to darken punctured area and red around the outside of the wound for irritation.  Finish the effect with thick blood.


MAKE UP FOR EVER - Halloween Card - Zombie GirlZombie Girl by Jasmine Ringo at Las Vegas Venetian

Skin – Create lifeless skin by mixing Clown White with Mat Velvet.  Apply in a stippling motion with an Ellipse Sponge.  Use a powder puff to set foundation with #0 Super Matte Loose.  Sculpt contours of the cheeks, temples, and jaw with Sculpting Kit #2.  Deepen contour with #160 Eye Shadow; blend down to create a sunken-in look.  Also, shade in hollows on the “zombie” sides forehead, under lip, jawline, and neck.

Eyes – Prime eyelids with Eye Prime.  Shape the crease with #164 Eye Shadow.  Detail “sticked” eye with #98 and #04 Eye Shadow.  On the “zombie” eye, create a Smokey effect with #160, #49, and #9 Eye Shadows.  Apply winged eyeliner to both eyes using Aqua Black.  Finish with Smoky Extravagant mascara.

Lips – Camouflage the lip with Clown White and Mat Velvet mixture.  Outline heart-shape lip with 0L Aqua Lip.  Fill in the lip with purple and black Flash Color.  Highlight the centre of the bottom lip with #942 Star Powder.

Stitches and Veins – To create stitches, start by sketching stitch lines with 2K Kohl Pencil.  Then, mix blue, carmine, and yellow Flash Color from the Special FX Palette to a neutral shade.  Trace over the white kohl pencil keeping some areas “open” to create the illusion that the skin is splitting apart.  Use Black Flash in some “open” areas to create more depth.

To draw the veins, use a small tapered brush saturated with Aqua Seal and #49 Eye Shadow.  Draw on the face starting with heavy pressure to soft pressure creating organic lines.