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From glam to ghoul: Jackal


Ultra HD Foundation, Pro Sculpting Duo 1, Artist Liner M-10, Artist Shadow:M-846, S-920, and S-908, Smoky Stretch Mascara, Lash Show N-104,Aqua Lip Liner 9C, Rouge Artist 43


1. Apply a flawless complexion with Ultra HD Foundation in a shade lighter than your natural skin tone. Then highlight and contour sculpting the cheek bones, temple & jawline using Pro Sculpting Duo 1.
2. Create a bold halo eye technique. Start by smudging Artist Liner M-10 around the eye, then set with Artist Shadow S-920. Blend edges and soften through the crease with Artist Shadow M-846. Blend out the color and soften with Artist Shadow S-908. Finish the eye with Smoky Stretch Mascara and Lash Show N-104.
3. Apply Aqua Lip Liner 9C and Rouge Artist Intense 43 to the lip. *Create the Joker smile with Aqua Lip Liner 9C extending from the corners of the mouth outward with a slight lift.


When drawing on the joker mouth, the line should be slightly thicker at the corner of the mouth and taper to super thin as it extends outward. To create extra dimension, add a small amount of Artist Shadow M-100 to the centre of the joker smile.