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From glam to ghoul: Skulled

Spirit Gum, Plasto Wax, Flash Color: White, Black, and Red, Super Matte Loose Powder 0, Artist Liner M-10, Aqua Black, Artist Shadow: M-100, M-110, M-846, Aquarelle: Black and White, Lash Show C-708

1. Cover eye brows using Spirit Gum and Plasto Wax.
2. Apply Flash Color white with an Elipse Sponge starting through the centre and working outward. Sculpt contours of the cheeks, temples, and jaw with Flash Color grey (mix black and white). Use a Velvet Powder Puff to set foundation with Super Matte Loose Powder 0.
3. Deepen contour with Artist Shadow M-100, blend to create dimension and define bone structure of a skull.
4. Use Artist Liner M-10 to outline overall shape sketch designs around the eyes, nose, and hollow of jaw, mouth, and forehead. Apply Aqua Black to the eyes, nose and jaw to fill in.
5. On the mouth apply Flash Color white to fill in teeth and shade with Flash Color grey to create dimension. Set and reinforce shading using Artist Shadow M-100, M-110, and M-846.
6. Finish look by applying Flash Color in red around the eyes, nose, and forehead with to create the illusion of the cracked skull.
7. Define all fine details with Aquarelle black and white.
8. Finish with Lash Show C-708.

Before committing to black lines, sketch all details with an eyebrow pencil to ensure you like the placement.