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From glam to ghoul: Zombie

Get This look with
Clown White, Ultra HD Foundation, Super Matte Loose Powder 0, Sculpting Kit 2, Special FX Palette, Full Cover Concealer, Artist Shadow: M-928, M-546, M-912, S-102 and D-504, Ink Liner, Aqua Eyes 0L, Eye Kohl 2K, Smoky Extravagant Mascara, Rouge Artist Intense 14, Aqua Seal, Lash Show N-403

1. Create lifeless skin by mixing Clown White and Ultra HD Foundation. Apply to your face and lips with a stippling motion using the Ellipse Sponge and set with Super Matte Loose Powder 0. Sculpt contours of the cheeks, temples, and jaw with Sculpting Kit.
2. Deepen contour with Artist Shadow M-928; blend downward towards the jaw to create a sunken-in look. Also shade in hollows on the “zombie” bone structure on the forehead, under lip, jawline and neck.
2. Prime eye lids with Full Cover Concealer. Shape the crease with Artist Shadow M-546. Detail “stitched” eye with Artist Shadow M-912. On the “zombie” eye create a smoky effect, artist shadow S-102 and D-504. Apply winged eyeliner to both eyes using Ink Liner. Finish eyes with Smoky Extravagant Mascara and Lash Show N-403.
3. Outline heart-shape lip with Aqua Eyes 0L. Fill in the lip with Rouge Artist Intense 14.
4. Create stiches start by sketching “stich lines” with Eye Kohl 2K. Then, mix Flash Color blue, carmine, and yellow from the Special FX Palette to a neutral shade. Trace over the white Eye Kohl pencil keeping some areas “open” to create the illusion that the skin is splitting apart. Use Flash Color black in some “open” areas to create more depth. To draw the veins use a small tapered brush saturated with Aqua Seal and Artist Shadow M-928.

To create believable veins use heavy pressure to start and soften brush pressure as you come to the end of the line.