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Get stronger looks with Joico’s new line of stylers: Joico introduces seven new stylers for your salon look

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In the blistering cold months of a Canadian winter, it can be tough to keep your locks in place. When the wind’s blowing, flurries are falling, and you’re pulling a hat on and off your head, making your hair stay put can be quite the task! Refrain from feeling the stresses of hair maintenance this winter with Joico’s new line of stylers. They’ve arrived with perfect timing to help combat the most complicated hair problems!

Joico proudly launches a set of stunning new styling products in sleek, silver packaging. This range of innovative products are made to take control of your hair’s specific needs, leaving you satisfied, whether you have long flowing locks or short-cropped dos.

Joico has also unveiled the power of DNA science and the latest advancements in bio-mimicry to create Joico’s patent-pending Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex, the most powerful, targeted hair repair technology ever created.

Joico’s Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex is now featured in all Joico shampoos, conditioners, treatments and new stylers. While some keratin-based products can over-keratinize hair, the Joico formula is carefully balanced and gives a soft, shiny, and supple feel to the hair, in addition to longer-lasting reconstruction and increased strength and elasticity like no other keratin product today can do. Hair becomes dramatically stronger and healthier, even after just one use.

Use these seven stylers to transform your hair from drab to fab:

Design Works Shaping Spray ($19.95, 300ml): This shaping spray helps add volume to the hair while keeping it light and moist without weighing it down.

Texture Boost Dry Spray Wax ($16.49, 125ml): Traditionally used on shorter manes, this transformed wax will bring more life to your hair. Joico ‘s new quick-dry finishing spray wax is great for adding texture, depth and definition to longer, layered looks.

Joico Humidity Blocker Finishing Spray ($19.25, 150ml): With warmer weather just around the corner and many jet-setting off on vacation, be sure to use Joico’s Humidity Blocker Finishing Spray to avoid unsightly frizzies. Simply spray evenly over strands to achieve a sleek polished look in even the most humid weather.

Super Shine Glossing Polish ($16.49, 100ml): For shine that spreads evenly throughout your hair, the Super Shine Glossing Polish is the perfect solution for maintaining a glossy finish while keeping your hair feeling clean and light.

Flex Control Pliable Paste ($16.49, 100 ml): Perfect for those with shorter styles, this paste will keep your hair firmly in place giving a matte finish.

Style Reform Matte Clay ($16.49, 100 ml): Ideal for defining curls, this matte clay will keep curls and pieces into place without weighing down the hair.

Matte Grip Texture Cream ($16.49, 60 ml): This molding crème has a remarkable hold which results in greater texture and definition.

Key Ingredients:

o An innovative, powerful, deep sea antioxidant-polymer blend
o Delivers firm, flexible hold
o Facilitates heat-activated restyleability
o Provides humidity resistance, UV protection and frizz control

Bio-Mimetic Peptides
o An exclusive blend of bio-advanced nourishing and restorative proteins
o Adheres effectively to ensure maximum protection from the cuticle to the

o Helps revitalize, nourish and strengthen hair

o Creates a lasting web of style support, strength and elasticity o Imparts sparkling multi-faceted shine

Plum Kernal Oil
o Rich in antioxidants Vitamins A and E and essential fatty acids o Deeply nourishes and moisturizes hair without an oily after-feel o Promotes shine, elasticity and style flexibility

Joico, a division of Zotos, Inc., has been dedicated to the Art of Healthy Hair since 1975. All Joico hair care, styling, haircolour and texture products fuse the latest breakthroughs in hair care science with inspirations from the worlds of art and fashion, to offer unparalleled quality and performance.