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Here comes the bride… Five bridal hair tutorials straight from the runway

Hair: Lizzie Liros
Makeup Artist: Ann Hassarati
Photographer: Dario Gardiman

With summer being prime bridal time, we take a look at what’s hot on the runway this season.  The traditional updo has gotten a makeover, and this season it’s all about loose, natural curls, but don’t skip out on the volume.

Australian celebrity hairstylist Lizzie Liros was voted the country’s leading bridal hair designer for six years running.  She shares her tips for runway-worthy bridal hair.

Shot 01-059 cropLook one
1.  Prepare hair by spraying with a blow-waving lotion (like White Sands Undercover Blow-Waving Lotion).  Dry hair upside down to give maximum root life.
2. While head is upside down, tease entire head of hair as much as possible.
3.  After teasing and while still upside down, place an elastic on the ends of the hair to create what looks like a little pony. Ensure the front section of hair is pulled directly back away from the face.
4. Flip head upright so that the ponytail now looks like a cone.
5. Tuck the ends of the ponytail back into the body of the hair to hide the elastic and drop the hair to the side. The style will looks like its falling out, this is the desired effect.
TIP: The teasing is what is holding the style together and give it fullness.
6.  Lightly position any loose hair around the front of the face into place and finish with a light spray of hairspray to hold style in place.

Look two
Shot 02-1661. Create a clean, straight right-hand side-part on clean, dry hair.
2. Section hair in one-inch sections, spraying with hairspray before styling.
3. Using medium-sized hot rollers, curl one section of hair at a time, winding the hair on a 90-degree angle.
4. Allow the hair to cool for 20 minutes before styling.
5. Using an afro comb, gently brush the hair on a downward stroke until curls are blended into soft waves.
6. Sweep hair to the right-hand side creating a soft low ponytail and secure into place. Ensure that hair at front fringe area is left free.
7. Smooth fly-aways and add shine with a shine spray.
8. Lightly finger-tease the ends of the hair to add texture to finished style.

Shot 03-064 cropLook three

Prepare the hair by spraying with a thermal-styling spray (try White Sands Liquid Texture Medium-Hold Thermal Styling Spray).
1. Starting at the nape, section hair in one-inch sections, curling all hair with a conical wand (curls do not have to be perfect, you are just creating movement and texture for the plaits).
2. Allow to cool for 10 minutes before running fingers gently through hair to loosen the curl.
3. With a wide-tooth comb, brush hair into a high ponytail at the temple area.
4. Divide the hair into three panels and plait each panel.
Tip: If your hair is thin, attach a ponytail hair extension to the base of the ponytail elastic.
5. Gently stretch each plait to loose and widen.
6. Position each plait as desired across the top of the hair and face, creating all your fullness on the crown and front of the head.  Secure in place with bobby pins.
7. Pull out a few strands of hair to soften the style and create a whimsical flyaway finish.
Tip: Do not apply any finishing product or hairspray to this style.

Look four

Shot 04-009 cropPrepare the hair with a thermal styling spray, blow-dried into hair before styling.

1. Create a clean straight left-hand side-part (do not do this style middle-parted).
2. Section the hair in one-inch sections.
3. Using a conical wand, curl the section one at a time, holding the hair on a 90-degree angle and winding the roots to the ends, starting at the nape. Continue until full head is curled.
4. Ensure hair is curled very tight.
Tip: Do not stretch or pull on hair after winding as you want to keep a very tight curl.
5. Allow hair to cool for 10 minutes.
6. With a large tooth comb, or your fingers, gently comb curls to slightly loosen.
7. With a small tooth comb, gently comb out curls at the top crown section to create a smooth finish, not disturbing the curls in the lengths of the hair.
Tip: Be careful not to disturb the curls too much and remember you can use your fingers to create more texture and separation.

Look five

Shot 05-094 Crop1. Spray a thermal heat-styling spray on dry hair then blow-dry hair dry.
2. Part hair on the side.
3. Divide the front away from the back.
4. Using a conical wan, hold hair at a 90-degree angle and wind hair from roots to ends until full head is complete.
5. Taking small sections of hair, alternate between a tight curl (holding for six to seven seconds) and looser curls (holding for three to four seconds), styling full head.
Tip: Always use a tighter curl on the hair at the crown.
6. Allow hair to cool for 10 minutes before continuing styling.
7. Tip head upside down and run your fingers through to loosen curls.  Then, run a very wide-tooth comb through curls to finish.
8. Give hair a good shake to loosen, and spray with hairspray.
9. Turn head upright, and with fingers, tease the end of the hair in an upwards motion to create the finished look.