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M.C. College launches online learning


M.C. College, Canada’s leader in hairstyling and esthetics education, is very excited to announce the launch of a new online learning system for its hairstyling students.  M.C. College is the first hairstyling school in Canada to offer its students this innovative system.  The system was created by Pivot Point International, a world leader in cosmetology education.  The online Designers Approach system offers students access to information at anytime and from anywhere.

Students today are more comfortable than ever with the online world.  They expect information to be immediate and to be interactive.  Pivot Point’s online learning system delivers just that.  With this system, M.C. students will have continuous access to ebooks, videos, interactive glossaries, and study guides.  All of this content will be available on any PC, laptop, iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.  The access begins when students enroll and is available for a full year following graduation.  The online program also comes with instructor support materials to enhance the delivery of classroom instruction.

M.C. College prides itself on being an innovator of education for the salon and spa industry.  The new online learning system does not replace the necessary practical instruction students receive but simply adds additional dynamic support material to further promote student success.  Students continue to learn on-site at the colleges but now have the additional support of continuous access to their support materials online.


The new online learning package is just one of the many tools M.C. College uses to prepare its students for careers in the salon industry.  The salon curriculum is updated regularly to reflect the changing needs of the industry.  In 2011, M.C. College partnered with the Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba to deliver a salon/spa business course.  Every student in the Hairstyling and Esthetics programs receives this comprehensive business course which covers business fundamentals for the salon and spa industry.  The combination of business education and current, relevant practical training ensures student success upon graduation.

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