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Maintaining a happy, healthy body with reflexology

By Kelly Konechny, owner of Exhale Reflexology in Winnipeg, Manitoba

No one can deny that when you take care of your body whichever way you choose, a happy, healthy body is what people strive to achieve. Reflexology is a safe and effective way to stimulate the whole body without any adverse reactions.

Reflexology dates back thousands of years and most cultures around the world have picked up some form of this therapy and called it their own. The body has not changed and we all have the same bones, muscles, and nerve endings. The crazy thing about this complex system is that all our bodies do not run the same. There is multitude of reasons on why we all have different reactions to external and internal stress in the body. The bottom line is that everybody’s life is different and our bodies only work to the best of its ability.

Reflexology is great therapy for everyone. There is no age limit to this therapy; therapists have worked on newborns to the terminally ill and everyone in between. This is an alternative approach to treating the body and all its functions as natural as possible. When you receive a reflexology session from a licensed therapist, every organ, body part, and gland will be worked on through the hands, feet, or ear. You have over 7,000 nerve endings in your feet that can be stimulated through applied pressure and massage. By increasing the lymphatic flow through these motions, the body tends to rid itself of all bacteria, viruses, and sometimes even disease. When blood flow is increased throughout the body, all parts that are not functioning at its best get a constant flow of blood to them and that is when the body starts to heal itself.

By stimulating pressure and massage, your body will increase blood flow to the areas of concern and get that sluggish lymphatic system running clear and freely so no disease can be trapped and cause further problems.

Some issues that are very effective in treating through reflexology are:

– Stress (which is the number one cause of disease in our society)

– Headaches

– Bowel disorders (such as constipation)

– Pregnancy issues

– Hip/knee/shoulder problems

– Spinal problems (back issues)

– Plantar Facciitis

– Pre- and post-surgery (great for healing the body at a faster pace)

– Hormonal disorders

– Fractures in the foot (the more stimulation to the area, the quicker it will heal insomnia)

– Edema (any swelling in the body)

– Diabetes (neuroma-related problems)

There is no limit to what reflexology can do to help an individual with restoring the body and getting it back to the happy, healthy way we want to feel.

For more information please contact Exhale Reflexology at: or email or by phone (204)470-5269 (ask for Kelly).

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