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Schwarzkopf Professional introduces three new 10 minute permanent colour services by IGORA COLOR10


This May, triple your colour services while servicing triple the clients with Schwarzkopf Professional’s three new 10 minute permanent colour services by IGORA COLOR10. If three is your lucky number, consider yourself a winner! IGORA COLOR10 is the first colour service in the industry to deliver permanent colour, perfect coverage and outstanding care – in only 10 minutes!

IGORA COLOR10’s three new permanent colour services are quick and cost efficient which results in a faster client turnover. As these three new services take no time at all, clients won’t have any excuse as to why they can’t pop into the salon for the professional service they love.

IGORA COLOR10 is the answer for on-the-go women looking for an express colour service. Provide clients with the 10 minutes permanent colour service by IGORA COLOR10, which includes 26 stunning intermixable shades. They’re going to ask for it…be sure you’re prepared!

The three new services include:


Get a block colour accent smoothly highlighted under your base colour fusing three colours together. This service works beautifully on short-structured haircuts and medium-length hair with texture.


Accessorize your hair with fast colour placements that will add creativity, depth and dimension to your hair cut and colour. This works well with a full heavy fringe for a smooth finish.


Enrich your hair colour and add sensual depth to your hair cut with subtle lowlights. This fast and easy service works best on wavy, curly, or textured hairstyles.

More than an innovation, it’s revolutionary! IGORA COLOR10 makes use of the most advanced technologies created from extensive research at the Schwarzkopf Professional laboratories. IGORA COLOR10 uses the amino acid carrier, a breakthrough technology which delivers fast, permanent colour in just two steps. The result? A shorter and gentler colour process, with 100 per cent performance – all in just 10 minutes! Featuring fortifying ingredients, hair is left shiny and manageable, with intense colour pigment!

One: the amino acid carrier forms by combining high-performing colour pigments and hair-rebuilding amino acids. Amino acids include both Arginin and Glycin, which are well known for their stabilizing and fortifying effect on the protein structure of the hair, making it shiny and manageable.

Two: the amino acids work as an express-carrier. As their chemical structure is similar to that of hair, they can easily penetrate the hair shaft, carrying the colour pigment and penetrating faster while stabilizing and fortifying the protein structure of the hair.

The three new services by renowned IGORA COLOR10 will be available at Schwarzkopf professional salons as of May 1, 2013.

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