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So strong. So beautiful. Discover the power of keratin phyto-protein.


The latest collection from the only hair care line to harness the power of botaniceuticals – bain de terre – offers exceptional strength and repair to weak, fragile, damaged or processed hair. The new keratin phyto-protein shampoo and conditioner are enriched with keratin to replenish hair’s natural protein, an essential building block of your hair.

This latest bain de terre innovation is enriched with phyto-protein, a blend of wheat, soy and corn proteins, offering balanced protein replenishment. The combination enhances the moisture binding ability of hair, giving it bounce to reduce breakage. keratin phyto-protein strengthening shampoo – 400 ml, $11.45 & keratin phyto-protein strengthening conditioner – 400 ml, $12.75

  •  More than doubles protection against future breakage (vs. untreated hair)
  • Sulfate-free, colour-safe formula
  • The unique blend of wheat, corn and soy proteins combined with plantderived botaniceuticals, nourish, revitalize and protect to keep hair strong, healthy and lustrous

For more information or to find the nearest salons, consumers can call 1-800-267-4676. bain de terre is a favourite hair care brand of salon stylists and professionals for over 20 years. bain de terre is the only hair care line that harnesses the power of botaniceuticals—potent, natural botanicals that nourish, revitalize and protect the hair. The restorative formulas treat the hair and indulge the senses to ensure beautiful, renewed results every time! For more information visit