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Straight talk about hair smoothing

Hair smoothing treatments are a highly popular and in-demand salon service. What should stylists and consumers know about hair texturizing options?

Smooth or straighten. Smoothers can reduce curl volume and frizziness from 30 to 100 per cent. Variants include prior chemical processes, existing hair damage, and the degree of natural genetic frizziness and curl. Smoothing effects diminish over time, generally eight to 12 weeks.

Vegan vs. keratin. Keratin protein comes from animal sources. For those who wish to avoid consuming animal products, look for keratin-free vegan options in the formulation such as proteins from corn, wheat, oats, and soybeans.

Prior use of chemical processes. Regular use of flat iron styling orharsh chemical smoothing treatments can destroy hair. Ensure highest qualityresults by conducting a pre-treatmentclient consultation. Strengthen and repairdamaged hair with a series of reconstructiveprotein treatments before schedulingthe smoothing session.

Safety first. Smoothing treatments use high flat iron heat to open the hair cuticle. For clients with prior chemical processes, there are likely residual chemicals on the hair. These may become an airborne irritant to stylist, client, or others. Check if it is safe for use over colour, highlights, or bleach. Are gloves, masks, venting, or barrier balms on the scalp required? Only some systems are approved for use around or on pregnant women.

 Maintaining the look. Smoothing treatments will reduce frizz, decrease daily styling time, and eliminate or reduce curl. Client upkeep is essential. An effective after care program of specially formulated products will enhance shine and manageability, maintain hair moisture, and prolong effects of the treatment.

Smoothing treatments can transform lives and reduce time spent on daily beauty routines. Just choose carefully. Achieving beauty at the price of health is just not worth it!

For information about Zerran RealLisse® Vegan Hair Smoothing and other pro salon beauty needs, contact Fernanda Pimentel at Fernanda’s Beauty/Zerran Canada in Mississauga, Ontario at (800) 862-1447 or (905) 625-1990.