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Tanning made simple: Beau Soleil


Manufacturer of Beau Soleil® tanning beds and distributor of over a dozen of tanning lotion collections — including exclusivity of the Fiji Blend® line —Distribution Beau Soleil® is a family business located in Bas-Saint-Laurent, Quebec. Since our opening in 1988, we have made our corporate image successful in the tanning world throughout Canada.

Our story

In 1998, M. Santerre, an electrician by trade, and with the knowledge he acquired throughout the years on tanning beds, decided to manufacture his own line of tanning beds known as Beau Soleil®. The beds have ever since made the reputation of the company.

Now, having more than a dozen employees, and always as passionate for the tanning industry, M. Santerre made two acquisitions in 2010.

– A new 30,000-square-foot building was built to accommodate both the production and the distribution.

–  M. Santerre became the new owner of the world-renowned line of lotion Fiji Blend®.

The company’s values

Since the innovation of tanning salons, the benefits and consequences of the UV rays on the skin have been the subjects of many debates, as much by the media as by the scientific communities. Always on the look-out for new researches, we, at Beau Soleil Distribution aim to promote a safe usage of tanning devices and to supply our customers with appropriate training.

Logo_beau_soleilOur tanning beds, manufactured in our Riviere-du-Loup facilities, exceed all standards and guidelines set forth by Health Canada, CSA and FDA. Safe, easy to maintain with simple and practical operations, they are made especially for indoor tanning lovers. Regarding our lotions, we collaborate with well-known manufacturers respected for the efficiency of their products throughout the world and where quality criteria are extremely high.

Over the years, the great value of our products, the excellence of our tanning beds and our devotion to our customers have made the success of Beau Soleil Distribution all over Canada.