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The rainbow connection: From lavender to light pink, hair is breaking all the rules this season

By Shayna Wiwierski
Photos by Damien Carney


When it came to hair this year, all the rules went out the window.

“The rules aren’t the way they are presented today in 2014,” says Damien Carney, Joico’s international artistic director. “Today you can wear different colours in different seasons. We are living in a season-less world.”

From breaking the barriers of seasonal hair to ombre still rocking the runways, 2014 has been all about the unconventional.  Take Kelly Osbourne and Nicole Richie who have been rocking pastels on their manes, something that has been making waves all spring and summer.  A rainbow assortment of colours has been the mainstay on hair for the past season.  Think rose, lavender, light purple, pink, blue — colours that would make even Rainbow Brite jealous.

“Kelly [Osbourne] has found her secret to it; it’s a beautiful formulation and pretty.  When the hair is more pastel and colours diluted, when the light hits it it’s more chic in a grown-up way.  She’s not old, but she’s not 16 years old either,” he says.

Although pastels are still super hot, knowing how to incorporate them into fall hair will take the trend all the way to the end of the year. Working different shades and dimensions into those already-hot colours will take the shades onto another level.  Carney says to work delicate shading throughout the hair, which can make the colour vibrant or dilute it to get that pastel colour.   He mentions that there will be more experimentation with vibrant colours but not in a pastel way.  Instead, it’s all about creating dimensions and texture by adding shades of light, dark and medium, a nice flow throughout the hair colour.

veronikca_look1_7411_cs_copy“There’s lot of different shades going on right now, it’s luxurious and designer.  If Tom Ford had a hair colour, it would look like this.”

As for one of the hottest trends for the past few years, ombre is not going anywhere anytime soon.

“It’s a staple now in any service or salon,” says Carney, adding that there are so many variations to it now, and it’s made a place on every colourist’s service list.  Client’s can get away with doing ombre every four to five months, since the more it’s grown out, the better it looks.  He adds that it’s a great way to move away from a full head of colour or slicing.

“It breaks up dense hair, works on long hair, short hair, it’s a like a little black dress.”