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Turn up the volume with Schwarzkopf Professional


Schwarzkopf Professional has released some firsts in their extensive line of products.  From a new men’s line to a styling accessory, Schwarzkopf is transforming the hair industry one styling product at a time.

OSiS Style Shifters

The new digital generation is vibrant, colourful, and always on the go. And, here comes a styling solution that is equally dynamic and boundless! Wear hair straight for work, change it to a stylish up-do for the shopping trip, then turn up at the club with cool structured hair and lots of volume.  New OSiS Style Shifters let you change your look anytime, anywhere – offering even more creative flexibility for all those who crave great hairstyles, cool designs, and an independent lifestyle.

Thanks to Style Shifters’ flexible liquid polymer technology, the hair can be restyled as often as required without over-styling. The innovative formula combines three different polymers creating a subtle, highly elastic net, offering endless styling options while ensuring a completely natural feel. Offering an extremely fine dispersion throughout the hair, the product ensures perfect styling control without feeling sticky.

OSiS Style Shifters is sprayed directly on dry hair. For more volume, apply to towel-dry hair then blow dry as desired. Style Shifters is available in three different support levels for short, medium-length and long hair, ensuring perfect styling results.

OSiS Style Shifters 1 – Pink:

Extremely light texture offering flexible support for medium length or long hair. At support level 1 the pink Style Shifter even gives fine hair a light, structured finish that can be restyled as desired anytime. The new polymer formula supports the hair’s natural movement adding volume and offering protection at the same time. 75 ml / $23.50

OSiS Style Shifters 2 – Green:

Strong support and definition for short or medium-length hair without weighing it down.  Offering level 2 support, the neon green Style Shifter builds up incredible structure while maintaining the hair’s natural feel.  Also gives additional volume if applied directly at the hairline. 75 ml / $23.50

OSiS Style Shifters 3 – Blue:

Offering extreme hold and structure, the blue support level 3 Style Shifter creates extremely defined but still flexible looks with short to medium-length hair. Perfect for very expressive looks or relaxed surfer styles. 75 ml / $23.50

[3D]MENSION by Schwarzkopf Professional

Schwarzkopf Professional’s [3D]MENSION range is 100 per cent engineered specifically for men meeting the requirements of demanding men’s hair in a truly [3D]MENSIONAL way. With a care line working on hair, scalp, and roots, as well as powerful ranges for styling and colour, [3D]MENSION is the innovation for the discerning man.

The [3D]MENSION Care Range


[3D]MENSION care products follow the science of trichology, by which scientifically-tested ingredients work on hair’s [3D]MENSIONS:  hair, scalp, and roots ensuring maximum efficiency. The products with this [3D] technology multi-task by activating the roots, cleansing the scalp, and adding strength to the hair while, depending on specific product benefit, reducing hair loss, controlling oil, etc.

Normal Hair

Hair & Body Shampoo, 250 ml / $14.75

Extremely refreshing, and thanks to its mild formulation, equally usable for daily hair washing and as a shower gel.

Deep Cleansing Shampoo, 250 ml / $14.75

Removes even stubborn dirt and styling residues thoroughly and reliably leaving hair clean but soft and manageable.

Grooming Fluid, 250 ml / $15.75

Ultra-refreshing and perfect for everyday light-style grooming. Hair feels fuller, detangled with natural healthy shine.

Fortifying Tonic, 150 ml / $15.75

Stimulates the roots and gives the hair strength and fullness.

Sensitive Scalp

Sensitive Scalp Shampoo, 250 ml / $14.75

Very gentle, soothing formulation for men with a sensitive scalp.

Activating/Hair Growth

Activating Shampoo, 250 ml / $14.75

Step one in the hair growth regime, the shampoo increases the production of hair growth factors, improving natural hair growth levels and hair density.                                                                

Activating Serum Shots, 7×10 ml / $36.00

Step two in the hair growth regime. Highly-effective concentration of the key ingredients improve hair growth level and hair density.                                          

The [3D]MENSION Styling Range

Strong Hold Gel (150 ml / $16.50) – extreme hold for those razor-sharp structured styles.

Strong Hold Hairspray (100 ml / $16.50) – giving lasting hold and flexible texture for natural feeling hair and style control.

Molding Wax (100 ml / $19.50) – flexible hold cream wax that defies gravity and can be re-modeled as often as desired.

Mattifying Cream (100 ml / $19.50) – for strong looks with lots of structure, tangible volume, and extreme matte effects.

Texturizing Cream (100 ml / $19.50) – for textured looks without greasy shine for short and medium-length hair.

The [3D]MENSION Grey Blend Range

Blend grey the male way. When it comes to colouration, men have very clear expectations: natural grey blending results, a quick process, and a discrete application. [3D]MENSION‘S fuss-free formula is the perfect solution for men achieving in only five minutes what men expect: natural grey blending with additional care effect – discreetly applied at the shampoo basin. The colour comes in an all-inclusive box with instructions and gloves so men can have the option to refresh their grey blending at-home between colour services.

The set consisting of colour cream and developer is available in six different shades: Anthracite, Graphite and Chrome for cool colour results, and Dark Wood, Raw Earth and Desert Sand for natural nuances.

[3D]MENSION and OSiS Style Shifters are available exclusively at Schwarzkopf Professional partner salons.  For more information please visit or